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Cut up man entry for January 10, 2008

   I have one employee that has been with me for over 24 years,  Mike is a great guy and a hard worker,  everyone that comes in has always liked him. Dave has been with me for 20 and Rob for 10,  both compodent bodymen and can some times be a pain in the ass with their details. But their work is second to none.  Keith has been with me now for a few months, he worked for me years ago and has come back, he is great at what he does and is easy to get along with. My son Chris has been with me off and on for the past ten,  Its not easy to be a dad and an employer and its not easy to work for your dad, Ive been on both ends of that one.  He's a very hard worker also and has come a long way over the years. Among other employees that have come and gone, I had one guy that was good at doing his body work and when I hired him his hair was some what long.  Now I have always liked long and wavy hair although lately its been waving good bye to me. But this guys hair was getting long enough to put into a pony tail. You see at some point it becomes a work hazard.  I asked him many times to get a trim and he would not really respond,  until one day he must have gotten feed up with me asking, so he turned to me and said "Everytime you ask me that, its going to be one more month that I dont"  I'm thinking you've got to be kinding me.  He is not included in my list of employees above. 

2008-01-11 04:20:53 GMT
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