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Thanks Mom !!!

Its funny, no matter how old you get your mom

is still your mom. I cant remember a time when mine was'nt supportive of what I was trying to accomplish at the time. I mean every time I'd do good on a test or build a model or restore a car,what ever it was she always acted thrilled and gave me a pat on the back. That type of encourangement kept me going thru some rough times. Shes has always showed true enthusiasum for this Mustang thing I've been on for the last thirty years.   No matter what you do,you think of Mom when your doing it. At least I do. Wanting to make her proud. Just about all the football guys say "Hi mom" when put on camera after winning the big game and these are 350 pound guys with names like Refrigerator. Not that I was an angel. I remember the time I put a fake spider on the cloths dryer under some clean towels. It scared the heck out of her. She ran so fast at me with that wooden yard stick my dad used to get from the local True Value store and cracked it across my behind as I ran. Now that I think about it. Dad never used that stick much to measure anything ,he must have got it more for Mom. After that, Dad could only measure things about 18 inchs long at a time. Those were the time's when an act like that was'nt considered "Child abuse".I think my Mom hurt herself more in the chase then I did thru my jeans.You could go off on your Sting Ray bike and not be back till dinner and it was ok. I used to stand up between my Mom and Dad as we drove down the road on the front bench seat in those death machines we called cars. Without any restraint or air bags and not one "crumple" zone, not one! Shes gonna be 83 this year and is now in the early stages of Alzhiemers. She still smiles and wants to say as she always did, "Do good to others and it will come back twice for you" she just cant put the words together. As kids you pretty much know when you grow up your gonna get children, well they don't tell you the part about gettin parents too. Its tough.  I've been thru tougher times before.  But no matter how old you are your mom is still your mom. I wouldnt have it any other way.
2008-03-11 03:00:23 GMT
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