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  What good news ? Its sure is hard to find,if your listening to the radio or watchin the T.V. news. The media has a real hard time finding it. You dont have to look very far to find good news. Unemployment is still remaining at historic lows. As a matter of fact dangerously low. You see, low unemployment can actually be a bad thing. It drives up the cost of labor. Employers have a hard time finding good people because all the good ones have jobs! So as an employer you must pay the going rate that the employee can demand. Which in turn drives up the price of everything we buy. Match that with historically high minimun wages and its no wonder why you cant take the kids to McDonalds for under $25.00 (thats if you can even speak english to the person who is taking your order) not that there is anything wrong with that. The news says gas is so expensive now that its above $3.00 a gallon for good. Like that is a bad thing. This is the stuff that starts out on the other side of the earth, pumped out of the ground, loaded into a tanker ship and brought to the states. Then its refined to the point we can use it in our vehicles. Now its sold and loaded on a tanker truck and brought to your local gas station, of course he marks it up, Oh and then the city,state and federal goverments tax the livin $#!&^ out of it. And believe it or not the stuff is still only around $3.50 a gallon. What I dont understand is the price of a gallon of milk! Its the same price as a gallon of gas for the name brand. The stuff starts right here,I mean right here! I dont see oil fields on my way to work in the morning, I see cows wondering around. They could walk over to the super market by themselves. They are that close! Unless I,m missin out on somethin, refinement of the stuff is not at the level of oil and because its a food product its not taxed!! Whats the better bargain here, maybe we should be gettin our milk from the Arabs.NOT.  I wonder what Camel milk tastes like anyway?  Ya theres a lot of good news out there, you just have to want to find it. I talk to alot of people everyday from all walks of life and different parts of the country and unless theyre into housing they are busy. I dont feel sorry at all for the banks and lenders who help put the housing market where it is. Good for em, my heart bleeds that they have to write off milloins in bad debt that they wrote.Keep in mind ,if they can right off that kind of money ,they are makin PLENTY of it. Just to talk to someone that works at a bank carrys a "Customer hello" charge with it for $3.00. (I think a gallon of gas is more of a bargain there too). I mean, banks look like freakin mansions!! Dont even get me started on bank credit cards!! Theyre just lookin for you to stumble one time and wammo your rate goes thru the roof. Check your credit report,every other month they do, to see if you made some type of a mistake so they can swoop in and raise your rate. Oh and all you hear are the big car companies "Layoffs".Ive been in business for close to 30 years and that is all I have ever heard was the Layoffs for car makers. Shouldnt they be out of people by now?  No ,of course not, they also hire too, but that would be "Good news"! and the media cant find that type of news. Our lending rates to the banks keep going down, The Feds have been playin that card to death. Its just makin our dollar weaker around the world ! DAH.  Or course the banks are not complaining. Doesnt anyone read the history books anymore? During the Carter years interest rates for motgages were double digits, with car loans in the high teens. I dont know how people bought homes back then, Those were tough times ! Starting next week I,m gonna have a place where people can come for some "Good news" or at least my spin on the bad stuff. Now it wont be so hard to find, Do you think CNN and MSNBC will be able to find me?
2008-03-18 02:20:58 GMT
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Please "Good News" would be great, DO IT!
2008-03-18 22:53:41 GMT
Please "Good News" would be great, DO IT!
2008-03-18 22:54:11 GMT
Bring it on !!!
--Mustang lover
2008-03-25 03:10:37 GMT
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