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This weeks good news!!

      The average increase in collector car values from Feb,2004 to Feb,2008 was 36 percent. More then the S&P 500 index increase and the Dow Jones Industrial Average increase during the same time frame. This according to a report released by NADA vehicle price guides.The authors evaluated close to 27000 makes,models,years and segments of collector cars.   The company found that collector cars valued at over $125,000 appreciated at a higher average rate than vehicles in any other pricing category, an astounding 47 percent.

    Collector cars valued between $75,000 and $100,000 appreciated at the second highest rate of 45 percent,while vehicles valued between $25,000 and $50,000 appreciated at the third rate of 39 percent.

    This is all good news for the average Mustang guy that owns a 6 or 8 cylinder coupe and is having a hard time justifying the time and money it takes to restore one.

    On a side note that I have observed is that over the same time period the parts for our Mustangs have gotten much better in quality and the prices are the same if not lower.

2008-03-30 14:05:22 GMT
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