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   Good news and I aint really lookin!   Ford Motor Company reported a quarterly profit which sent shares of stock up 5 percent. Ford reported a net income of $100 million compared to a net loss of $282 million a year ago. Well maybe the new car dealers will have enough money to pay for the mansion like showrooms they have built for themselves. I cant even imagine the gas and electric bills they must get.

   I took the picture above while looking thru an attic type window thru the roof of my dads Sunoco gas station. The row of  Mustangs consisted of a 66 G.T. fastback and the 74 I owed,(I even had to have more then one back then) The G.T. I would take to the drag strip and beat the livin $&'! out of it. I was running a 289 with modified 351 Windsor heads, yah I figured that trick out before all of em! I was working on a 69 Torino my Dad had takin in for a valve job.  I had also had the heads off the G.T. and saw the difference in the combustion chambers and the ports sizes.  I thought to myself, if I tapped out the head bolt size on the 289 block, I betcha I could bolt the bigger heads on my 289. I went the the local junk yard a picked up a couple from a wrecked Mustang and with some other mods made the whole thing work. Dropped my quarter mile times by a full second! The Boss 351 and 69 coupe were my friends cars. If you copy the picture and blowed it up somewhat, you can see the truckload of new Ford Granadas across the street. There is also a Pinto wagon in the parking lot. The gas station on the other side of the intersection was called "Gas Land". They were always just a little cheaper then us. There regular was 24.9 while our regular was 29.9. Of course we were the name brand, but even with the price that low people would still save the nickel and buy the cheaper quality gas. There is all sorts of interesting things in this picture. The tail end of what is now a classic house trailer at the pumps. Check out the pay phone booth at the base of the Sunoco sign. This was the summer of 74'.  Cool ,very cool !!!

2008-04-27 22:00:46 GMT
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