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"The Man's" prediction came true
      You saw it here first folks!!! I wrote that the price of a barrel of oil would drop to $100.00 from $147.00 within six months and it happened within six weeks!!! Thats a drop of nearly 1/3rd, So why has'nt the price of gas at the pump dropped down as much? As a matter of fact it has gone up from 40 to 50 cent a gallon this past week! In some cases over one dollar!!!  Its that same old weather speculation again. Hurricane Ike was moving in and even before it hit land the gas stations were raising the pump prices here up in Chicago and we are a thousand miles away from the hurricane! The weather guys had said it would be a big one and it was,but it was nothing like Katrina yet the pump prices have shot thru the roof unlike Katrina. Why isnt our local state senators asking those tough questions about price gauging? I'm talking about Mr. Obama walking into a couple of gas stations and asking the owners of those stations who exactly told them to raise the price of their gas,or did they(gas station owners) take it upon themselves to raise the price and take advantage of a bad situation that is a thousand miles away. Thats the kind of thing that would get the senator some attention and maybe get "us" some answers. The oil companys are paying 1/3rd less for their oil yet we are paying more for a gallon of gas at the pump. I understand that these are future prices, meaning these are October crude delivery prices. If so, then why when the future prices go up, the pump prices change the very next day, but when the futures prices go down, it takes awhile for it to get to the pump and it never goes down the way it went up! Dont tell me its the President that is making the price of gas go up, I doubt he is the one calling all of the gas stations across America and telling them to raise the price, So who is? Thats the question our canidates need to ask!!!    Ok, my next prediction is that this whole thing is going to blow up in their (people tied to oil) faces. Now that this storm is behind us and we survived it as we Americans always do,the price of a barrel will drop another $10 within the next three months. Lets just keep doing what we have been, sit tight, drive less, buy more fuel effcient cars(American ones) , make less uneeded trips to places, keep our classic collectables in tune, after all, they do get fairly good mileage given the amount of miles we drive them. If we continue to do these simple things, it will catch up and we will see the price of gas at the pump drop. As the song says (won't you listen to what "The Man" says). If people who have been holding oil futures had sold them six week ago like I had told them to,they would not have lost a tankers full of money.Also check out my "Hydrostang" Mustang that hybrids on water on my website  P.S.,  I know, I cant believe I got that license plate either!
2008-09-14 19:19:24 GMT
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we need more information on the hydrostang dad!im doing a science fair project on it!!!! love cody
--cody ingrassia
2008-09-24 13:50:36 GMT
The hydrostang looks great!
2008-10-06 13:34:32 GMT
DAD! my report card grades are A+ A A B C
2008-11-24 15:56:46 GMT
DAD! my report card grades are A+ A A B C
--Cody Ingrassia&#39;s Report Card
2008-11-24 15:57:23 GMT
I Might Get Honor Roll!!!!!!!!!
--Cody Ingrassia
2008-11-24 16:00:34 GMT
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