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Cut up man Entry for December 31, 2007
   The taxi has been brought back from dead. I got the thing from The Volo auto museum, who had bought it from 20th Century Fox studios. This was a stunt car. The body was cracked up and the car looked beat. This car was used as the chase car and is the car seen in most of the chase scenes. The car started life as a California P-71 police interceptor and had logged only about 40000 miles on it  before the studios turned it into what it is now.  It does not have a speck of rust. The trunk was filled with all sorts of gadgets, pumps, tanks,relays, battery etc. The rear axle was swapped out with a drum brake style system and the car was equiped with line lock so it can drift. There is an elaborate emergency brake system with cables and chains to make the car spin around. The rear licsence plate is motorized to swing up and show a different plate as also seen in the movie. My research has found that there were 8 of them made for different dutys in the movie or for display around the country to promote the movie. The body kits were made by Eddie Paul industries, the same guys that made the cars for the Fast and Furious movies. The assembly of the Taxi's were done by the talented guys at "Picture car warehouse" in California,headed by the owner Ted Moser.Those guys have some imagination!! If you click on to "Movies cars" on my site I have loaded plenty of pictures for everyone to see. It is definitly one of my cooler cars to drive around.  At intersections people smile and get out of their cars with cell phone camera's and click away.              
2007-12-31 17:37:34 GMT
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