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Cut up man entry for January 5, 2008
    Back in the early 70s my dad owned a Sunoco station. This was in New York state and there was a drag strip not too far from us.  Guys with muscle cars used to line up at the pumps to put the Sunoco "260" in their tanks on Friday and Saturdays before they left for the track.  I'm talkin Boss 351s, 428 mach1s,  Boss 302s,  Big block Chevelles,  Camaros, Cudas and I was the kid fillin the tanks with liquid go juice.  The "260" stuff had 106 octane and we were the place to get it. There was a long stretch of road out of our station and these guys would burn rubber  until you couldnt hear or see them anymore.  I would just stand there and watch the show with a big smile on my face.  Good times , good memories.
2008-01-06 18:07:14 GMT
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