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Cut up man entry for January 6, 2008
      In the mid 70s a car called the Bricklin came out.  The model was called the S.V.1. (Saftey Vehicle One) The 75 model came with the Ford 351 windsor engine.  I thought they were cool then with the gull winged doors and sleek body style.Its the only one of the three cars that were ever built with gull wing doors that the door glass can roll down. Little known fact is that Malcolm Bricklin tried to hire John Z. Deloreon to head his product developemnet dept. and although John turned him down, he came away with quite a few ideas. Low and behold a few years later Deloreon came out with his own gull wing door type of car that look  surprisingly close to the Bricklin. His car though could not get out of its own way as far as power. I put a stroker 393 in mine with a 4 speed A.O.D backed by a posi 463 gear. The doors are remote controlled. These cars were ahead of their time for alot of things. To me they just look cool.
2008-01-06 21:54:13 GMT
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That is cool! thanks for sharing

--Troy Kruger
2008-01-06 22:54:27 GMT
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